Fast Car

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It’s funny how we talk about life journeys and how we get lost in the middle or even at the end. We don’t really know where we are going.

How fast can you go? How slow can you take?

The people who I looked up to, said to enjoy the ride, the other one told me to walk like a turtle.

Of course, I chose to walk like a turtle hoping to enjoy the slow ride. But the more I do that, the more I see how people really are.

It does not matter if you are old or young, personally, I think what matters most is a genuine heart. Being real or caring does not need to be defined by age.

This section of my journey made me think a lot about people–not because of cultural differences just people in general.

Before I thought the more you grow old the more you learn and the more your heart is open.

But then I was confronted with so many realities lately that made me question this “belief”.

I met a lot of experienced individuals who are just lost or totally shut their doors to the world. I heard bout sabbatical, divorces, confusions and disconnection.

This idea of growing up is a lot scarier!

And thinking all about these things  tonight made me come to an idea that while we are growing up  we are also hurting ourselves in the process.

Maybe we gave our heart and never got it back?

Why do we always wait for people to ask for help? isn’t it nice to give a hand to those you know who are in need?

Just like when we were kids, we never think twice of introducing ourselves to a group of kids.

We never think twice about sharing our candies.

I guess my point of being is when you help you should never expect something in return. When you say, I’m here please mean it.

I hope that when we start something or say something we should stop asking ourselves “ what is it for me?”.

When you genuinely cares, you stop to think and start giving.




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