When to say no?

Navigating life is a hard process, maybe?

We are always confronted with decisions like when we decided to move for the first time, get the first job, say yes to a serious relationship, to buy an iPhone so we fit in with our group and it goes on and on until deciding for a retirement plan.

The  more we grow old the more it gets complicated. In school we are never taught how to negotiate well, we were not presented theories or concepts about it. But at least we are given the voice to ask questions and to answer.

It does not matter if you are a business student or in liberal arts, it is very important that in life you have to assert your necessities. Then I thought, maybe I say all of these things because I have the chance, I have the opportunity to say so.

Photo not mine.

This has taken me aback today, learning all of these, of course, are great but then I go back to my frustration on the rights to education.

Good for us who are given the privilege to negotiate about life, career, our wants, happiness and among others. How about those who don’t have that chance?

How do we deal with that fact?

this is not my photo taken from google. 

Those who can’t have an education?

For instance, the never-ending crisis of refugees they weren’t given the voice to negotiate for their rights. They were forced to flee their country.

How do we use all of these to educate others?

How do make our realities the realities of others?

How do we put our good knowledge into helping others?

When do we say no to the never-ending wants that we don’t really need?

When can we say yes to putting our wants aside, negotiating with others to help one another?








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