When you meet your other half

When you meet your other half. 

Not another person or a significant other but your other half inside you. You don’t know if you will be happy to finally see her or scared because you never thought she will be like that.

She is calmer but a risk taker. She loves the world too like you do but she takes her decisions seriously, she shows her true color and she is vulnerable. She is quite most of the time, she appreciates the stillness of life unlike you, you want everything to be moving. She is never hesitant to open her heart and is not afraid of failure. For her, if the world is crumbling down she just pauses and reflects back.

You have to learn more from her to appreciate life, you have to talk to her more to know you more. She can tell you how the world can be a shit hole but beautiful.

She is just around the corner whenever you need her.

Her :

I know you are in the darkest tunnel of your journey, it seems that things are falling apart. Your grandest vision is slowly becoming into a pile of unreasonable desires. You itch to go out and see the world more but you never stop and appreciate what you have. You see? frustrations come when you want too many things in life.  You missed a lot of little things, connections, and genuine friendships. Allow yourself to cry just for a bit, I am here to listen to you and will never judge you. If you fail today, get up tomorrow. I’ve seen you fall several times but you manage to always get back up, it may seem that this journey will take a while and your visions might not come true but you are the bravest person I know, you are loyal, cheerful and you give the warmest love. So find that light again and give yourself a tap on the shoulder. Because it’s going to be okay.




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