When September ends

We got home at 1 am and it was officially 2nd of October. It was nice to say goodbye to another month with bittersweet memories.

While I was taking a shower this morning all September pitfalls came rushing to my mind, the feeling of loss, lost and confusion. And when I stepped out, I realized that September taught me a lot of things. When I look back to all that happened, I can give a smile and sweep those awful events. It was like that game we played in class, we have to compete to get the greatest interest and win $1,000,000 and the results were not promising but we all came out to be more susceptible to external factors that might block us to make a difference in our communities. We are more aware and grounded with our values. I resonate to that remembering all September events in my life this year.

At the end, everything has gone they all turned out to be some memories and most of all lessons that taught me to be a stronger person, a stronger woman in the society.


After all the turns and backaches, now I find myself surrounded by people who are willing to support you with all of their hearts. They are there in your journey, giving you hugs and kisses, teaching you to never give up. I am not only learning theories and concepts on how to make a difference, I am also growing to be a good person, a good friend. It ain’t no easy I tell you but if you are with #AMANI family you know that you can make it to the end.


Feliz Aniversario, Erica!




P.S Hello October! 





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