She is not only a dreamer, she is a true symbol of Humility

My alarm started ringing it’s time to get up and start the week. My life here in Brazil is not fixed, I tried to set up a routine but things are always different. Sometimes It can get very busy and there are days where I don’t do anything at all.

Today, I am going to meet Humility!

She is this young woman full of dreams, she has a pretty face with a long shiny black hair when you see her you will definitely know that she is one of a kind.

We scheduled to meet at Urbe coffee shop along Augusta St. but since it opens at 12 and we agreed to meet at 10 we decided to walk down and look for another place to sit. We found a Panaderia it’s famous here in Sao Paulo you can get cheap coxinha, Pao de queijo, and coffee for 5 reis. We didn’t order though we just needed a place to sit and talk. After a couple of hours, we went back to Urbe and had a great coffee and some sweets.

Humility was patient, calm but full of energy she opened a space of comfort and trust.

Ever since we met I felt that she is a sincere and nice person. She comes from a good family, she traveled the world she experienced a lot of great things, she has wisdom and she also shares her dream. She hopes to connect people from within she wants to ignite self-confidence and awareness. She has a heart that as big as the universe.

Knowing her background and her dreams made me wish to meet more people like her. She pushes for a change within ourselves, her heart burns to produce more good people. Connect in meaningful ways.

If you meet Humility you will know what I mean, if you go to her LinkedIn profile you will see that she is a woman like no other for a such a young age she has done a lot.

She touches your heart in the most genuine way.

We talked for hours without even noticing the time from that conversation I know that I learned so much. It made me dream more, it made me more grounded to what I believed in life. My faith in Humanity is restored.

It was no yada yada yada kinda thing it was a real deep conversation about humility, passion, and dreams.

If you meet humility or have a chance to sit with her you should. It will make you a person with purpose not to pursue material things but purpose from within.

Be aware of your monkey mind make sure to move your elephant. Find your fear, find your courage and most importantly find gratitude, she said. 

Being humble and kind to others are key factors towards changing ourselves and stop hating the world.

The world has a vast of lessons and values to offer just keep looking, keep journeying because you will find people just like I met Humility that can change the course of your life forever.

Look for your Humility maybe she is one of your family members, among your friends or within yourself.




She is currently making a project that will definitely change how you see life.



P.S. this blog is dedicated to my dear friend Gabriela. I am so lucky to have met you! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amalia says:

    Thank you for this post. Thank you for remember us how many great people we have around. Thank you for putting a word, a name! It is now how many people around but the quality, dedication, authenticity around. Thank you both, you made me keep going!


    1. Thank you for the words Amalia. I am always thankful to you and the rest of the Amani Fellows you are building my values to be a better person. Let’s keep that fire burning! i know your project will succeed. ❤


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