If your parents are Empathy and Respect

What if your parents are Empathy and Respect? I was sitting down with both today.

Empathy she is a great and cool mom she makes sure that you are given all the things that you need not only for her child but also for others. She cares about the quality time she spends with you. She brings smile and wisdom. She hopes that every parent would do the same thing too. She dreams that parents despite the technology today won’t forget the learning that a child gets when he/she hugs a tree, play  in the mud, imagine leaves as people. She believes that the connection of a child with nature makes the growth more holistic. She advocates for authentic learning, not the hippie kind but a dream to have a world where we care for each other for our ecosystem. A sustainable relationship not just with people but also with nature.

Then, Respect came he is this tall handsome corporate man who will become a daddy in a couple of months (yay). He spoke about how he yearns for equality among employees. In society today they even have this tags if you have great job you belong to the “white-collar” section and when you are “just” a cleaning lady then you’re in the blue area. He is not happy about this idea, he is not proud of the divisions. He wants to raise respect on people white or blue.

I am sure that he will make a very good father his passion and advocacy for respect and alleviating human dignity in the work places are great and admirable.

These two when you combine them they will make good parents, they will make good leaders they will produce great future society of people who cares and respect others.

When I become a parent I will teach my kids the same values.

The world is such a beautiful place because of you two.



P.S. I admire you Dani and I salute you Tiago. This blog is for you two! beijos. 




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