Life cycles and choices you make

Last month and I shared this in one of my entries that September was such an unfortunate month for me this year. It was too many lows and I almost drowned and then October came and I was welcomed with so many possibilities and life opportunities. And so, I am “happy” again.

Do you call this the life cycle eh? When you say a cycle you see circles yes? or they have this model about life or decisions and it’s always a U shape. It means that whenever you do something or make some changes in your life you can never get away with the bottom part or as what we call it the “shit hole” and you get back up again. In most visuals you see this funny little man putting his hands up! or shouting success.

And then your life starts again. Your back in the shit hole and up again.

Tonight, it made me think is it really necessary to be at the bottom? Is success measured after you’ve experienced the “shit hole”? Or you can make a choice?

How do you break that cycle? Life shouldn’t be a cycle I think it should be based on choices.

You cry  and you will laugh, you will tick numbers in the calendar each year and then complain about life again. Sounds familiar right?

Who knows what the future will hold right? this gives you so many possibilities to break that cycle.

So if you, yes you made that choice of breaking the cycle even for  just a day, maybe you will appreciate what you have and be happy that you are breathing. .

Certainly, we cannot avoid death because we don’t have that choice but before death, we are given chances to choose to live the life?.

We might be in this life cycle but it shouldn’t be always a circle. You can design your life to what you want it to be.



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