Date with the City

It sucks!

I don’t have a nice camera to capture one of the best moments of my life! It was so colorful, fun and free feeling to be with the “city”. 

I’ve been walking on this street for the past two months now Ave. Paulista is one of those streets that you’ll never get to appreciate because of the crowd and sometimes when you are covered with fear you walk as fast as you can to reach your destination. But thanks to the great initiative of the former mayor (not supporting him) he made the Ave. into a street full of life, he made an order to close the street every Sunday. So when you walk down Ave Paulista on that day you will see people dancing, selling different art crafts, great foods and etc anything you can think of to describe a street fair it’s there.

I’ve been there several times with different people and the experience is always different. So, yesterday I made a pact to myself to go there alone and enjoy the city a little bit.

So it begins.

The first thing is to look for the book club group. We agreed to meet at  Starbucks near to Consolacao so i thought its easy because i know the street a little bit but as usual i got lost. I circled for about 30 minutes until i found the place (whew). We read about Asimov’s short story “Night Fall”. It was my very first book club so i didn’t really know what to expect. We were twelve people in the room all are looking for something, connections, perspectives, things to do. The founder was amazed that this time there are couple of new faces which includes me.

To start here’s Emerson’s quote from the story.

 If the stars should appear one night in
a thousand years, how would men believe
and adore, and preserve for many generations
the remembrance of the city of God?’

We talked about metaphors, aliens, capitalism and adaptation and how humans are capable of doing things just to survive. It was a very interesting conversation and inputs from the group. I really loved it! unfortunately i won’t be able to join the next one because i have classes. 

I left the room full of reflections and learning which I always push for whenever I decided to do something new. Just enter the room with a “beginners mind” and be humble you’ll be surprised.

After that I walked along the Ave. soaked myself with different things. Listened to bands at a different corner, ate Pastel, had Nikole’s favorite drink Guarana and ate a 2 reis ice cream from Burger king.

Im also meeting someone around 4pm so I have couple of hours to move around.

And then I met this girl. She plays for a band and so she invited me to watch and have fun while they put the music for the crowd. At first i hesitated because i don’t speak the language so it will be awkward for me to meet the rest of her crew but of course I’m 98% extrovert so i went.

We talked a little bit as she prepares her instruments. I met the entire band most of them don’t speak English but just put a smile on and you’ll make connections.

Her name was Stella she is just this cool gal who sweeps you off because she is cool like that. She plays three instruments and she leads the band. Imagine a woman who has Beyonce’s hair and Rihanna’s talent.

I was sitting at the street listening to her music. While I was smiling at her i also find myself smiling for me too. The crowd was just amazing! it was so diverse i think it’s the first time i felt this feeling of freedom for a long time. No expectations. I was just there enjoying the company of the city.

After two hours of singing,dancing and laughing its time for me to go. I bid farewell to Stella and to the group. I’m not sure if I’m going to see her again but it was really a great new experience. She is like a reflection of my dream person at that moment.

It’s always hard to say goodbye and my life is full of goodbyes, two more months and I will say goodbye to this sweet city who taught me so much and allowed me to be part of it. It will be one of the hardest because I don’t only say goodbye to the city but to the people who are dear to me. To my family here in Sao Paulo ( crying now).

But at some point you have to let go and start again.




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