Marshmallow Challenge

A guy I used to date before once said,” I’m a marshmallow”. For a woman, I thought he means he is sensible? or weak? or soft?

When you associate an “it” to an emotional feeling immediately you begin to think of the attributes right? So when you describe a marshmallow its soft, sweet, sticky etc. but the most stand out quality of it is the softness.

And then tonight during our class this marshmallow concept appeared again. We played a stimulation activity using marshmallow as the main “man”.

We have to build the tallest tower using a string, spaghetti sticks, one-meter tape and the marshmallow.  The trick is that the marshmallow must be on top! so now the concept of being soft object has turned into the heavy and strongest player in the scene.

The spaghetti sticks are so brittle, the string did not do anything at all and of course, the tape really helped a lot in putting everything together. 

It’s a funny thing how an object that was associated as”weak”  can turn everything upside down and be the strongest character or object or the association of the marshmallow was really brought into a different level.

In our class, it was debriefed as prototyping and how we can fail and start back again. We were asked what is our marshmallow in the process, and everyone gave different answers it could be the users, principles, etc. So I have to step back and think about what is the marshmallow? in my life? and in the project that we are doing.

Maybe it is the idea that I don’t want to put in because it can cause a tremendous change in our solution, it could be people who I am scared  to associate with in my life, it could be anything and it’s scary because you don’t know if that marshmallow is soft or the other way around.

It takes one marshmallow to put everything down. It is not bad nor good but then again you have to know when to put the marshmallow in your life.











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