This Blog is About Me

I’m going to reblog this because you are such an inspiration to me and I admire how you write. And i hope you keep writing to inspire more and more of us.


fallThis blog is about me. Even writing that sentence is as much for me as it is for anyone who’s passing by. It sounds selfish right, writing a blog about me. But allow me to explain. 

When I was drafting another piece, I found myself constantly generalising about what people ‘tend to think’; anything to escape having to say what I actually think or feel. By shining a light on this, I made a blindingly obvious realisation: I can only write about what I think and feel, in other words, about me. Writing about what an unknown and unspecified group of other people think and feel is just an attempt to say that whatever I’m thinking and feeling is ‘normal’, or more importantly, not ‘abnormal’. It’s an interesting self-defence strategy. The logic is amazing though, isn’t it? “If these people I’ve made up agree with me, then I’m definitely normal.’

So what I hope to express in this blog…

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