Genuine Connection- Straight to your Heart

It was our inner journey class when we are asked to write a journal non-stop. Whatever you can think of and pops in your head. They call it the free writing to your soul. 

So here’s my soul to you. 

What makes you happy?

Is it when I look at you? or when I touch your hand?

Tell me when do you feel a genuine connection with me? because my heart aches to see you glow.

I want to bring the sunshine in every way I can.  I don’t have the richness nor the material things but I can offer you my time.

We can read a book perhaps sit for a bit and watch how people interact with each other, rich or poor.

My dear friend, I know you dream of changing the world, end the suffering of humanity and develop deep deep connections not just with people but with nature too.

The journey is ain’t easy I tell you.

The world is full of complexities and along the way, you will find yourself part of the problem. problems that are too big that even the universe stood still and just watched.

Problems that are too big that even the universe stood still and just watched.

So, I invite you to come and sit with me here on this very bench. Tell me your joys, your sorrows, your hopes until the sun sets.

Let’s sit and observe people, notice how they laugh, how they cry and even how they walk.

Maybe when they see us they might join and sit with us. Please don’t try to offer something material just a genuine and warm smile.

I tell you people are scared to sit and be still.

They are afraid to stop and miss a day.

They keep on moving forward not even looking in our way but in every person, you offer your smile it can change the course of their lives.

Go on!

Don’t be scared offer your love and warmth to the universe.

Hold my hand now, I promise I will never let you go if you have questions or doubts let me know.

I will try to answer them but if you are not satisfied, throw them to the universe.

You’ll see something magical will happen in the most unexpected ways you can’t even fathom.

Keep dreaming!

Don’t Stop!

Draw your vision in the air, in the sand or even in the ocean.

Connect with nature don’t be scared. Talk to a butterfly, to a spider, to a lizard these creatures will listen and will never judge.  They will look at you in the eyes straight to your heart.

Now am I boring you? that’s good because life is not just a roller coaster, life moves in a very mystical way and you can only see it when you are still.


the universe





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