Breaks my heart

I woke up around 9 am. The rays of the sun felt so good that I decided to get up right away and do my personal practice.

I got up, grabbed my phone and listened to a guided meditation for 30 minutes and then I went for a 5k run. The flow of energy was perfect! I’m going to have a great day.

I sat down at my working area and started to flipped pages of research and cases for our social innovation project and then around noontime I went out to meet a friend for a great vegetarian food. We had a good conversation about life and plans and aspirations. Those are the moments that I enjoy the most, just talking about how things would have been different if? or what will happen if? kinda convo.

I smiled from ear to ear. After that, I have to go to another area of the city to do some work and that takes about 25 minutes bus ride. I sat down thinking, looking out the window while the bus zooms away (yeah they have crazy drivers here in SP).

I thought my day will go so well …. but then.

There’s a lady who just entered the bus, she is about late 30’s and most likely a mom. She was talking to the “combrador” I didn’t understand a thing but I’m pretty sure she was asking for something.

She started saying “desculpe” I’m sorry in Portuguese and tears ran down her face. I started to observe more carefully just to know what is going on.

She sat at the other side of the bus, she didn’t pay. She was looking away and crying. I wanna hug her and hold her and tell her things are going to be alright.

I don’t know what happened to her day but seeing her breaks my heart.

She probably got laid off in her job or …

I looked at her hoping to send my positive energy and just to let her know that she is not alone and that things will fall into a right place soon and that hope is always in the corner.

When I got off the bus.  I keep on thinking how can we give love to people? to total strangers? is this possible?


Photo credits to : Amani (Habibiti)

Audio Here



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  1. Natasha Omar says:

    Que bueno! 😘


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