The little things

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. Real love is simple, everyday kind of thing. A smile, a hug, an encouragement. Continuous love without effort.

I shared this post two years ago and it is just a good reminder on how we should see things in  a different light good or bad, how we make connections, how we make a difference and how we show love.

My inspiration list for this week. 

  1. I had a full conversation with the uber driver last night in Portuguese. He was patient enough to ask me questions and understand my broken sentences, it was a 30-minute ride from my home but he gave me the feeling of HOPE that until now my heart is still smiling. Was it the Portuguese convo? no, it was his act of being genuine to get to know a total stranger and letting me feel that I am safe that language is no barrier in connecting with someone.
  2. I met a lot of inspiring people this week and this pushes me to pursue my dreams and who I want to be. It is always nice to find people who you can trust and count on. They showed genuine care and that is a real score!
  3. All souls day! I have been really curious to check out the cemetery next to our institute but I was always scared, always have that “what if” but today it was different it was filled with people so, I went in and walked around observing. The deafness of the surrounding was scary but it reminded me on how life flows in mysterious ways and that we should appreciate the ones who are breathing before it is too late because sometimes we only regret things when it’s gone. dsc_0332
  4. Cookies and lovely notes, getting a surprise from our sweet Sasha is just love! She draws so much energy and courage to me. Just like her cookies and cakes, she is a real sweetheart. You’re the best Sash!img-20161102-wa0002
  5. Gathering, it was  very unfortunate that there were only a few people who came but sometimes few is real and real is good. We had a good conversation! I truly love those who have pure intentions and honest individuals. I learned so much today and ate a lot too! Thanks, Alan and Lara!
  6. Kitchen talk with Amani, after juggling through this week with a lot of work and deadlines it is always nice to come home to a person with a big and understanding heart. To have a good conversation with a person you journeyed with  and grew for the past months of stretching. When you share your victories you know someone will be there to hug and cheer for you! Thanks, Habibiti!

Tonight, my heart is glowing with inspiration from people who really showed me real connections and love.



Picture (c) Caroline

Music : Don’t Panic


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