Life in Between

It’s been a while since I  did not post anything to this page although that has been my promise.

To write and share things that I am learning to those who need inspiration not just about traveling but life in general.

Five days ago I was in La Paz, Bolivia.

I traveled two days from Sao Paulo to La Paz via bus imagine that! You can look it up on the map and see how far I traveled.

I booked a 3 days accommodation at a backpacker hostel called “Loki” and apparently it’s a party hostel. Don’t get me wrong I love parties but it’s not really the main reason why I’m traveling up north.

From my broken Portuguese now I have to switch to Spanish and I’m 4,000 ft high. My brain has been damaged for so long! In my country, we have this expression when you don’t know the topic or the language we always say ” nose bleed”.  So I was nose bleeding everytime I have to make a conversation with someone who does not speak English.

So La Paz,

the experience was surreal

I’ve met so many people who shared stories with me.

A girl from Germany who will be a great lawyer for sure.

Two girls from Malta who are great teachers and has shown genuine friendship to each other.

A girl from Canada who is a geologist

Several men from Argentina who love making films.

A girl from England who is an accountant and has two friends who she needs to comfort every time.

Two Korean girls.

I’ve shared a piece of how life is, working in an international NGO with a great Bolivian guy who showed me that I totally sucked at games and that never ever trust surprisas because they will all be the same.

I learned about Chulita’s and Ekeko.

You know what they always say? It is not about the destination but the journey.

I have the chance to dig deep into a different context of life, relationships, and culture. Stories that will move you and inspire you to be a better person to the world.

The idea of going back “home” to Brazil and facing the life that I started is a little itch in my heart.

I know that my life is in between here and there and traveling, in general, will give you that tick, that action of doing something good for people.

Heading back I took the “Trem de Morte” it’s translated as Death Train, it’s not because there’s a lot of accidents and that I am doomed the history of the train is really interesting although the trip was also nerve-wracking, I have to sit 16 hours in a bumpy ride and crossing fingers that after the long journey I’ll make it alive (lol). And yes! I did!

During the train ride, I met a swiss guy who takes great pictures and has a big heart. We shared opinions about politics and how “Trump” is fcking the world right now with the immigration policies and the wall and everything in the table that includes colors and other religions. And then we met a group of Bolivian professionals who at first are very shy to talk to us. I started asking them if they speak English and the other girl was pointing at her friend, the girl says a little bit but oh well! We got to know each other during the trip I learned that among the six, two are twins sisters, one is a doctor, an architect, and a civil engineer, they are traveling to Sao Paulo to see the city. After hours of me asking them questions finally, we got really into the conversation and everyone was active in answering my questions. Yay! for persistence.

We parted ways after the border.

I said goodbyes to great memories.



P.S. more pictures in my ig account @mslastimosa21


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