Organically Connected

How nice would it be if your connection flows authentically? a connection that does need effort, pure and genuine ties.

For a person who is constantly moving and discovering life possibilities having genuine friendships with people you meet along the way is very powerful the bonding you created for a short while will last a lifetime.

You will remember those nights you shared together over a bottle of beer, the mountains you trekked, the oceans you explored, the coffee shops you went to, the endless late night conversations about life and where to go next. Those memories, those moments create the organic relationships.

Do you have that person in your life?

A person you connected with in the most genuine way?

If yes, tell that person that you think of them today and the memories you shared were priceless.

Tonight I am writing this to remember the people that I shared great memories with, although we don’t talk and update each other I know that deep in our hearts those moments will be passed on to the next generations of explorers.




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