I can tie my hair now

I cut my hair to prove something

To start anew

To feel that things will be lighter soon.

I had troubles deciding on where to go and letting go of something you love is never an easy choice.

I have to let go!

The worries and the heavy sighs that I’ve been carrying for the last two years.

And so I did.

I moved to a new country

I cut my hair

After five months

I have to buy a bunch of hair ties coz my hair is long enough for me to keep together.

Just like the things I’ve been through for the past months.

I was on a path to change the world

I was busy thinking and soul searching if this life is for me and although this road had a lot of bumpy stops

I know that in the end, I can keep it together

Now, my hair is long and my journey too.

I’ve reached a point where my heart is at peace and happy!

Wherever this road will take me, I might cut my hair again who knows

I am sure that I have people who will always be there for me to keep it together, to remind me that things will be alright.







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