looking back 4 months ago

I started my journey with a little amount of money and a pocket full of dreams and hope. Before my flight to Brazil, I was talking to some people that are very close to me, of course, my dad, a friend of mine from work Natasha and my sister Wendy. I told them my fears about this grand trip that I am doing, this is not the typical I quit my job to find myself kinda thing well because I couldn’t afford to do that. I’m going to Brazil because I am going to pursue my studies and it was just a timing that it’s in a different country.

My dad said I have to be more organized and smart with my decisions which of course he is always right I never really plan things that much I just go with the flow but this ain’t a normal 3-day holiday trip, this is my future plans. So I have to really sort things through. Thanks, Dad!

Natasha said you booked your ticket! Don’t waste your money which is again true. Thanks, Nat!

And my sister Wendy, who is my supporter of all my siblings said that “you can do it”.

And so I am here in my new little Brazilian room trying to comfort myself that I’ll be fine and that I can do this. I traveled almost 24 hours halfway across the world and there is no going back.

Today marks my official first full day in the new country that is totally out of my league.






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