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Listen to the Dalai Lama

He speaks the purest. Sit and listen then you will have peace.

Today, say thank you to your peer, I love you to your parents and sorry to someone you hurt or forgive someone who hurts you. We need peace within ourselves more than ever. Give this day a rest, tame your monkey mind. Today, we give peace to the world! Let go of your fears, be vulnerable and trust the process.

Peace be with you.

Peace & Love,


Inspired tonight

This message is for you, a beautiful person like you should never feel upset. You heart deserves more- I ache to see you smile just like the first time I saw you. Be brave my friend things will be better tomorrow you’ll see.



p.s. i would like to give credits to this blog for inspiring me to practice short stories and inspiring scripts

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No blueprints for Heroes

How do you even start to follow the North Star when you don’t understand why? When your journey is full of darkness how do you give light? Where do you get the core to put the light in every shadow that covers it?

How do you anchor yourself?

If you can tell me how to start drawing the blueprint of superman please do.

Out of my league,




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