The Unstable One


She woke up

She doesn’t know where she is, the only thing she remembered was she was talking to someone.

She looked around

Everything was hazy

She got up.

She was trying to figure out how to get home but home is nowhere.

She’s been moving places for three years now, she met great friends and lovers.

She loves the chasing, the adrenalin, the challenges.

When you see her she’ll talk to you about life and how you should live it to the fullest.

Some people see her as a hedonist, she doesn’t even know the meaning of it. In this generation, they call it YOLO! or have you heard  Avicii song “The Nights”?

So she’s moving and chasing. She doesn’t care about possessions.

For once in her life, she made at peace of what she wants although people couldn’t understand it.

They asked her, what about marriage? what about settling?

She thought about that three years ago, she worked hard. She was climbing the ladder already for her age but something was bothering her. She was not happy.

Her world was boxed.

She opened the door and the sun was shining so bright.

She was greeted with smiles by people she barely knew, she is far away from the society that makes her stomach crumble.

She loves the crowd but she would rather be alone and listen to her thoughts unless someone would come and look at her inside, deep down.

She started walking towards a big rock.

She stared at a great blue sky, the weather was really nice and the sound of the ocean was soothing. She loves that! She loves to sit still and look at nature, appreciate life.

Her dream is to change the world, she would talk to people about poverty and how we should educate people so they will be better in life or how people should be more responsible with the environment, she pushes them to pursue their dreams.

She would smile at you, give you 100% energy when you are with her and you will never see her doubt herself. She is seen as the strongest.

The sun is setting down,

she started walking and thinking

where to go next.



P.S. I am trying to learn how to write short stories, so if you have any suggestions do let me know. This entry is dedicated to A, a person who I know is a dreamer and a travel bug. 








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