Moving Elephants

I have been in this sector for quite a while. I took the challenge of moving abroad to understand the meaning of “change”. How to be more creative in solving today’s problem.

The world is so fvcked up! it is seriously horrible but then my heart says believe in people. I have a confidence in humanity and I have that dream that maybe someday we can live in a world where we can dance as one.

This journey has fucked me too, I want to change the world but the world is changing me and I hope that at the end of this journey things will make sense. I am writing this not to complain of course but the more I see reality the more I come to realize that choosing this life is not damn easy. This is not just a project that I can solve in a day! this is like pushing a huge elephant.

So what am I talking about?

Today, I was having my classes and these students are a little special to me.  They were selected to go through an intensive learning so they can get a job and make a good living. They are privileged to be chosen, they are provided with great facilities and have good teachers with specialized attention. All of them are from communities that don’t have opportunities and so being in this program, I think is a huge window that they should take into account.

This is my second week of teaching and this has been the worst eye-opening for me. While I was doing the exercises, I saw the fucked up world. I saw hopelessness. And I don’t want to say this but it made my stomach flipped and I almost cried in front of them.

Most of them said I hate school!

Most of them are not interested.

I want to impart so much knowledge to them, I want to let them see what are the opportunities they are missing and that if they push themselves a little and be open fo new learning this will certainly help them to have a good future. I am a believer of Education too! Having a good education is a need for you to navigate this world.

But then I thought, this is what I want not them.

This is a great challenge for me, how might we change the motivation of these students? How might we?

This is a reflection of what is happening in the world as well, we have so many innovations, donations, and projects but yet the problems are still growing there are no changes at all. You see wars, you see poverty, you see hopelessness.

How can we paint the bigger picture here? How can we see the entire picture of the elephant? How can the rider navigate the giant animal to move for the better?





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