Her name is Blue

While I was flying up high gleefully appreciating the view and my new developed wings I noticed something from below the ground.

I carefully watched it, I don’t know what it is but it’s something very interesting so I decided to descend and check it out.

I was shocked to see what it is.

She was struggling to open her wings, I was watching her from afar and she smiled at me.

and so I went closer and closer and closer she waved at me, saying hello!

Hey, there said Blue.

I responded back still stunned.

I asked her, why are you here on the ground? are you supposed to be up there like me?

You have your wings like mine so you shouldn’t be here.

And she said, oh no! I have been living here on the ground because my people say it’s dangerous up there. A sky is a huge place I might not be able to survive.

I said, how would you know if you never try?

She said, for so many years I wondered how is it to be up there but I am too scared to even open my wings.

end of story.

I met so many people who told me that I am too brave to travel alone and that I am lucky to experience different things, I hear admiration and jealousy too. But then I asked myself, traveling is a choice, experiencing new things is a choice and having new adventures too. Why are we too scared to push ourselves to the things that we want?

When will you take risks and say to the person you love, you love them? When will you be able to open to saying “no” when you really don’t want to do the things that are expected from you?

We are living in a generation that confirming to the norm is ain’t cool and so we are lucky to be in it. So I encourage you to live the life that you want, to live a day full of adventures, to experience for the first time the one thing you have been wanting to do.

Is it going to the gym? learning a new language? going to a new place? learning a new skill? getting a tattoo?

Take risks and love yourself more.

We only live once and so living it with a purpose is a great deal to start a chapter of a new adventure.

Open your wings! don’t just stay on the ground.

If I can, you can too.

Today, I was reminded by a good friend about this “Risk” and I admire her for taking a step.

Risk, as defined by the society, is something you do that entails danger, that entails failure but both of those two are hurdles that we must overcome to know our limits, to know our responsibilities and to know ourselves. Without it, we can never appreciate life.



P.S. This blog is dedicated to a good friend of mine Aysha, she is starting to write great reads you can follow her at First Flight.






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  1. Its amazing … actually you are …… 🙂


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