We did not order Cappuccino and Latte!

It’s a cuddling weather here in Sampa,

So after class, we went to a nearby Pandaria where you can find almost everything just like the city* it’s a lovely mess.

We ordered an espresso (no sugar) coz I hate it! p.s. in Brazil they love to put sugar in their espressos and a regular americano.

We sat down and excitedly waited for our order.

Instead of getting an espresso I got a foamy cappuccino and she got a latte. We both looked at each other and laughed.

Oh! sweet Sampa! I love you and what you have shown and let me experienced for the last months were incredible.

You are always unpredictable.

Over a cup of coffee, we shared dreams bout LOVE..

Just like getting the Latte.

Although it was not in her expectations yet you see her with a big smile!

She found Love!

Oh, great Sampa!

Across the table, you see how love transforms a person. She is scared what the future holds of course.

Yet you see that she is hopeful for the next days to come what this new relationship will bring.

Just like getting the “wrong order” yet we ended up laughing and sharing great stories.

So tonight,

I want to write a short Love Letter for you Arg,

To my friend Argie,

Don’t worry love things will be okay.

Don’t be scared.

Love can bring joy and sadness but it’s the greatest thing that a person can offer the other.

We continue to fall and break until you find the right fit.

Who knows across oceans someone so dear thinks of you.

I admire your courage and hope.

no matter what happens please don’t give up on Love.

When you told me about him

Your green eyes sparkled

Your cheeks glowed

Don’t think about tomorrow yet, for now, enjoy and feel the present.

Shove away the “what ifs”

I enjoyed everything we shared together and please don’t marry yet! You have to schedule your wedding day when I have the money to buy the ticket. 



P.S. because you are an inspiration. #puravida


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