The World and the Bridge


We finished almost a pack of cigarette.

We were staring at a huge highway.

The city has its charm for that, you just sit and slip away watching cars go by. It is inevitable to not think about how things are in your life and where are you heading after.

Tonight, we were just walking around downtown checking coffee places and people watching. This is the best thing living in a huge city you can literally people watch and everyone looks so different and beautiful living interesting lives. The downtown Paulista is just like a big factory of people working and working and the cycle goes on but also there is this a bit of spirit in this city that let you think about life~ maybe it’s the weather or maybe I am just with a good company.

After walking several streets we found ourselves sitting on the stairs behind a modern museum, it is actually a famous place for smoking literally anything, cuddling, kissing and other things.

We sat there lit cigarettes and talked about why we do what we do.

She comes from a country where people think it’s a war zone. But it is not, talk to her and you will know. She has the love for technology and so she works with creating robots but at the same time has the dream to educate more and more students in creating a creative community. She lived in a boat for a year, she hitched hiked across different countries and now she would like to live in Antartica.

I couldn’t help but wonder and asked her, why does she keep on moving? chasing things?

because that is what you do when you meet someone who shares the love for traveling.

You share stories of great adventures, of lovers and of where to go next.

She looked at me after I shared some pieces of mine, she said, why are you so brave?

And I told her, I am not I just keep on smiling and shoving worries away but the truth is I’m fvcking scared of what this life has to offer.

When she shared her part, my eyes lit opened because among the two of us she is the bravest. She experienced a lot of things that I didn’t even or can’t fathom to visualize for myself.

I told her my dream of changing the world, she also shares the same goal.

And then I said, but you really think we can change the world?

She looked at me.

I told her that I worked almost most of my life understanding people and in this quest, I can conclude that changing the world is not the end game because at the end you are the one who will change.  It’s not the world, it’s not the society but it’s your reality.

We are chasin, we are creating and we are changing. We are pushing our realities with others.

We are pushing our realities with others.

Maybe the world doesn’t need changing.

Maybe we have to change our own realities and not others.

Certainly, we can’t change the world but we can inspire others to dream and live a life that is worth living.

Traveling has taught me this.

Meeting people and sharing stories are the best thing that I could cherish for the rest of my journey.



P.S. Thanks Mariya!






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